Virtual Sets

Back of an LED video wall used for Virtual Production.

Go from the desert to a rainforest to a news set. Virtual sets are changing the game in the media industry.

I am currently sitting on set. It is a a show call elevator pitch. This show has shot it’s last two seasons on a virtual set. It is much easier for edit and post than on location. Virtual production studios using virtual sets are a new type of film and television production. It utilizes advanced computer graphics and real-time rendering technology to create immersive and interactive environments. We used to shoot live-action, which is shot on location or in a studio and then edited together with special effects in post-production. For different environments a green screen is used and it is added afterword in post. Virtual production allows us to create entire scenes and worlds digitally, in real time. On location is difficult for lighting and rain delays. We don’t have those anymore.

It’s Unreal

We are at BrandStar studios in south Florida. They use a combination of technologies, such as game engines like Unreal Virtual Engine, motion capture and camera capture systems, and LED screens, to create digital environments that are displayed in real time on set. BrandStar Studios has an amazing setup with a curved 180 wall and 3 overhead screens for a full immersion. This allows us to capture live-action footage in front of these digital backdrops, with the virtual environment reacting in real time to the movements of the actors and cameras.

Lighting And Blending Are Key

Virtual production allows these studios and filmmakers to visualize and experiment with complex scenes and environments in real time. This workflow allows for production on any location without the need for extensive post-production work. With real light coming from LED walls subjects look like they are in the real location without a lot of light effects. Adding props in the foreground complete the look for true realism. This can help to reduce production costs and streamline the overall production process.

Virtual production studios and virtual sets are still relatively new. They are already being used in a growing number of film and television productions, including “The Mandalorian,” “The Lion King,” and “The Jungle Book.” As the technology continues to advance and become more accessible, it is likely that we will see even more virtual production studios being used in mainstream film and television production. To learn more about AI production check this out.

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