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Truth Social is a social media platform launched in February 2022 by Trump Media & Technology Group, a company founded by former US president Donald Trump. It’s considered an alt-tech platform, meaning it caters to users who feel mainstream social media platforms censor conservative viewpoints.

Seen as an alternative to mainstream social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It’s become a popular platform for conservatives who feel the bigger social media sites silence their voices. You’ll find familiar features like feeds and profiles, but the content leans right.

Recently going public on the stock market. The stock price soared, powered by supporters looking to invest in the former president’s business. Trump’s free speech social-media site plans to use AI to automatically censor some posts.

Can free speech really be on an app?

Truth Social says it’s all about free speech, but they still moderate content, taking down stuff that’s illegal or super offensive, just like other platforms. There have also been reports of accounts being banned for criticizing Trump or the platform itself, which some folks find ironic.

Overall, Truth Social is a happening place for conservative voices, but it’s not as big as the established platforms and faces some criticism about how it handles content.

Social Media and the use of AI.

Facebook and TikTok are both masters of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to keep you glued to their apps. They use AI to power their recommendation algorithms, especially for their main feeds. Facebook uses AI to understand what kind of videos you watch and posts you engage with, then uses that information to curate a feed specifically for you. TikTok’s algorithm is known for being particularly sophisticated – it goes beyond just your activity and can even take things like location and who your friends follow into account. This lets them show you content they think you’ll love, keeping you engaged for longer.

AI is even creeping into content creation. While it’s not writing novels for Facebook just yet, there are tools that use AI to help you create content for these platforms. Imagine uploading a product image and having AI generate a whole ad campaign around it!

Overall, AI is like a behind-the-scenes puppeteer on these platforms, working to personalize your experience and keep you coming back for more.

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