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The Next Trend In Media And Television Is AI and it is here now!

Vast experience and extensive research about the marketing growth of media and television has led to the creation of this editorial magazine. The aim is to share this knowledge with others seeking to understand the transition that is happening now.


What is Halloween

What is Halloween? Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31. It is a combination of pagan and Christian traditions, and is celebrated

Government Shutdown, Could AI help?

Government Shutdown, Could AI help? Lets take a look at why Congress has problems passing a budget. Some of the most common reasons are from

Is AI lying to you?

Is AI lying to you? It may be. When asked about airplane crashes google Bard returned with this: There have been many airplane crashes throughout

AI Presidential Election Predictions

Can AI be used to predict election outcomes? With this story, AI Presidential Election Predictions we ask the question to Google’s Bard to find out.

AI Stock Tips

The stock market is a complex and ever-changing environment. AI can help.

BRICS vs US Dollar vs BTC

In this article we will ask AI to take a look at three global currency contenders. BRICS vs US Dollar vs BTC. What is BRICS

Soccer Kickoff

World Cup Soccer Predictive AI

A World Cup soccer match is a high-stakes event that is typically watched by millions of people around the world. The competition typically lasts about

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