AITV, Imagine Watching A Movie And Your The Action Star!

A woman wearing a helmet for safety.

Choose Your Own Adventure is just beginning.

Choose Your Own Adventure is just beginning.

As you walk into the dank room, you see the reflection of flames off of your dusty combat boots. Directly in front of you is a door with a skull and cross bones and to the right is a stair well. Do you open the door or continue down the stairs……

In the early days of role-playing games, there were no choices. You either played as the hero or you died. This changed with the release of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books in the early 1980s. The books allowed readers to make choices that affected the course of the story, and in some cases determined the outcome. Today, Choose Your Own Adventure books are still popular, with new titles being released every year.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or have never heard of them With AI capabilities, Imagine it’s no longer a book but you are the main character in a movie and are able to interact with the film in a completely interactive style. AI can give real interactions at the time of your choices and effect the outcome to match.

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